November 27, 2008


I came over to Fort Myers yesterday. My dad asked about gluten-free stuffing and dessert (since I have Celiac and can't eat things with wheat.) I told him not to worry about it, I'd bring those items.

And then I realized that the health-food market in Fort Myers carried a lot more product than Whole Foods, so I decided I'd cross the state and get my goodies there.

Alas, no one told me that Ada's is facing bankruptcy. The store was nearly devoid of GF foods, or at least the stuff I'd want for a Thanksgiving dinner.

So no GF pumpkin pie for the ol' Maniac this year.

I have a job, and recently was promoted. My car is paid for. I have family to spend the day with. And I'm healthy.

So I'm thankful, and I hope that you find things to give thanks for this year, too.

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