November 3, 2008

Since SCG's turned chicken..

...and turned off comments so no one can respond to his gibbering hysterical posting of nonsense and innuendo, I'm forced to write a blog entry.

If he'd let me leave a comment, I'd've just said "Chill, dude.  You're way overreacting."  But since I have to do a whole frickin' blog entry, I'm going to nitpick his paranoid delusion to death and beat him with the corpse.

Do you really want a President named Hussein?

Are you shitting me?  This is a reason?  50 years ago his father named his son after his grandfather, who in turn was named for the grandson of the prophet Mohamed, and now you're seriously offering that up as reason not to vote for someone?  Dude. When did you turn into a drooling idiot?  Please explain how you can think even for a second that this is an argument with an ounce of merit.

Do you really want a guy whose every associate, friend and mentor is a radical communist or flaming socialist?

Again, it's hard to credit this as the result of someone who previously didn't show any signs of being an idiot.  SCG, unless you have a list proving that EVERY associate actually falls into these categories - which I doubt you do - you've just told one of the biggest whopping fibs of your life, and you should be totally ashamed of yourself.  Especially since one of the only two you actually can name actually have stronger ties to John McCain.

So this one I throw back in your face: Do YOU, SCG, really plan on voting for John McCain knowing that he has raised $448,000 for Rashid Khalidi? Chew on that one, buddy.

A man who due to his friends and associates, would never, ever, pass a background check to work in the federal government!?

And you can supply actual evidence of this?  I mean, you have a document from the civil service, signed by someone in the Human Resources department making such a statement about Obama?  No? No.  All you have is the one opinion piece from Fox News that got picked up by all the other deseparate conservative nutcases.  It's a lie, SCG.  A stinking lie.  And you're telling it.  Shame on you.  You know better.  You KNOW you know better.  You've become the kind of mindless reactionary you hate.  Congratulations!

Experience? None. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

SO he was churned out of a clone factory last week?  He's got experience: he's got more experience than a certain Republican from Illinois who became President.  That's right, Obama has more time in public office than Abraham Lincoln.

Responsibility? He hardly ever voted, and when he did, he cast the most liberal votes in the senate! Even more so than Kennedy!

Which is quite a trick, seeing as how Ted Kennedy has been in the Senate for 46 years.

And here's another shocker for you: most of us voting for Obama are liberals.  We like it that he votes liberal.  Kinda stupid to talk us out of it using that as a reason, doncha think?

He sat in the racist hate filled church for 20 years.

And left it.  McCain also listened to a hate-mongering racist preacher: does this mean you're voting for Nader?

Honesty? He is a liar, like every politician.

Like John McCain, then.  So in terms of honest, it's a wash.  Why bring it up?

Patriotism? He never served in the military, he voted against the
troops, he purposely doesn’t wear an American flag pin,

I didn't serve in the Military, either.  If you are questioning my patriotism, I'll gladly meet somewhere so I can beat the snot out of you.  I'm sure I'll have company.  Hope you're not one of the 40 million Americans without health insurance.

...and he sat in a
America hating church for 20 years.

Which he left. If you can show me some action by Obama, outside of this association, that clearly demonstrates that he "hates america," put it out there.  But simply parroting this very tired idoicy is, well, tiresome and idiotic.

I have to say, it's very disappointing to see Some Cranky Guy lapse into a drooling lunatic like this: wild and unsupported accusations, hearsay, paranoid delusions: it's sad.

Dude, screaming paranoia won't make your case, and neither will repeating the same drivel that has largely been discredited as having any factual merit at all.

The problem is that the OTHER GUY is WORSE.

Let me tell you about John McCain:

- he's in terrible health; I have no confidence that he will live out his term,
- he's selected a candidate who's a complete idiot as a running mate.  Sorry, not in THIS lifetime.  If he'd picked someone, you know, GOOD, you might be able to make a case.  But Palin's a deal breaker.  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.
- he's shown signs of decaying mental functions; he's easily confused, and easily pissed off.  Sure, it's the pressure.  But the job is pressure, and he can't hold on to his cool worth spit.
- he's violated his own code of ethics and embarked on exactly the kind of sleazy campaign that cost the election in 2000
- he's been in lockstep with the current administration, which has brought us the brink of the end of our standing as the world's last superpower.
- for every "association" you've tried to tie to Obama, it's turned out that McCain has a closer or stronger association with that same person or party.
- he's suggesting that people losing their homes to foreclosure should be living in State-owned homes: that's a hundred times more socialist than anything Obama has ever done.

And then, honestly, ask yourself if this socialist politician should be the leader of the Free World.

The only people who think that Obama is remotely socialist are raving right-wing conservatives.  REAL liberals - which you don't find in the US - find him to be what he actually is: centrist.  Being more liberal than a rabid right-wing nutcase doesn't make him a socialist, and people who aren't insanely hysterical realize that.

So grow up.  And see someone: you need therapy.  Seriously, you're starting to sound like one of those Babalu assholes.


  1. It's the "most liberal" tag that always makes me laugh at their stupidity. They're trying to convince me that Barack Obama is more liberal that Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist (and who is my hero)? More liberal than Barbara Boxer, who stood with House Democrats and challenged the 2004 election results in Ohio? Come on.

    Trust me, I wish he were the most liberal member of the Senate and had a commanding lead in the Presidential race--I'd be excited about that, but it just isn't so.

  2. Great post. It's about time someone called SCG for the nonsense he is spewing.

    I respect SCG and I normally agree with his posts, but these last few posts are completely Babalunian.

    And I will never cease to be amazed how the word "liberal" came to mean such a horrible thing.

    The word comes from the French word, "liber", which means free, the same word we get "liberty" from.

    Liberals believe in freedom. Conservatives say they do but they are always trying to infringe on our personal freedoms.

    I call myself a liberal before I call myself a democrat or progressive because it's time we take that word back.

  3. Let's also remember it is always liberals who lift up society, or maybe SCG believes things should still be "seperate but equal" & women shouldn't vote, just to name 2. What improvements to society came from conservatives?

  4. Hey, anonymous is me. For some reason it didn't pick up my name

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    I've enjoyed Some Cranky Guy for years, but his recent drop in IQ makes me sad. I hope he snaps out of it.

    SCG has also forgotten that the majority of the Founding Fathers were liberals.

    Hey rosebuckle: click on some of these other names, and read their blogs, too. You will be rewarded.