December 29, 2010

Sanford Police Turns Its Back on the Law

At least, that seems to be the case in Sanford, Florida.  The Orlando Sentinel reports that on December 4, Justin Collison attacked a homeless man, rendering him unconscious, then sucker punched a bar patron.  His friends tried to stop him, calling out to him, dragging him off his victims.  The entire incident was caught on video:

Acting Sanford police chief Captain Jerry Hargett was interviewed:
Acting Sanford police chief Capt. Jerry Hargrett said late Wednesday afternoon that his officers made "blatant" policy violations that night, including not handcuffing Collison or patting him down.

But Hargrett did not fault officers for opting not to arrest Collison. He said he was not sure why the officers made no arrest but said there is no evidence that Collison was given preferential treatment.
Of course, Hargrett is a stinking liar.  There is clear evidence that Collison has been given preferential treatment; he hasn't been arrested. Despite incontrovertible evidence that he is a clear threat to society who has clearly committed felony battery, this vicious thug was allowed to walk way.

Collison's father, you see, is a police lieutenant on the Sanford Police Department.  It's glaringly obvious that the department is corrupt, protecting a vicious felon because his father is a cop. 

His victim, Sherman Ware, who was knocked out in the attack, was taken from the scene unconcious.  Officer Samuel McNeil, who should be charged for dereliction of duty, reported that he did not arrest Collison because Ware didn't give a sworn written statement.

You read that right; McNeil didn't arrest someone who had been recorded beating Ware up, in front of numerous witnesses, because Collison had rendered his victim   unconscious.

People must get away with murder in Sanford; after all, dead men tell no tales, and the cops ignore physical evidence and eyewitness testimony.  They might was well not have a police department.

The town of Sanford needs to clean house; this abrogation of justice is intolerable.  McNeil and Hargrett should be ousted from law enforcement, and we should take along, hard look at the rest of the department.  There can be no justice when police do not uphold the law.

December 21, 2010

Well, Now We Know.

Back during the election, when Rick Scott was swearing up, down, and sideways that he had no idea his company was committing fraud even though he signed paperwork that flatly stated that they were, I said that either he was bald-faced liar, or incompetent.

Well, good news, everybody;  he's incompetent!

As reported in the Sun-Sentinel, more than 400 state bureaucrats that had been told to resign so Scott could replace them with cronies stooges minions people of his own have now been asked to stay on, so he can fire them later.

So we call relax; Scott is not a morally bankrupt thug intent on sucking us dry, he's an incompetent dithering idiot who will surround himself with morally bankrupt thugs intent on sucking us dry.

Remember, you can thank Frank Paraus and thousands of other mouth-breathing partisan zombies for voting the Party link instead of voting for someone they felt would be  a quality governor.