November 5, 2008

Now That It's Done...

Something that occurred to me awhile ago, but I didn't want to say anything in case in garnered mis-placed sympathy, is that McCain is too smart to have selected Palin as his running mate. Out of a field of highly-qualified candidates, he chose the one least likely to help him.

Unless, of course, she was supposed to help him lose the election.

What if, and this is a big 'what if,' but what if McCain also realized that America really needed a regime change?

What if John McCain, in a subtle manner, made choices throughout the election designed to turn people away? What if he also embraced Obama's vision of change, and nurtured it the only way available to him?

Food for thought, yes?
Notice which direction he's pointing: Coincidence?


  1. Food for thought indeed, especially after his concession speech. We heard 2 great Americans speak last night.

  2. Much like Al Gore in 2000, it was one of those passionate concession speeches where, had the candidate shown that kind of charisma during the campaign, the election might have turned out VERY different.

    My prediction for Obama: A much more centrist administration than the GOP fanatics are fearing. The left wingers are going to be a little disappointed, but it will all be for the good of the U.S. I think time will show our nation a more unified country behind Obama.

    And I should probably mention at this point, I am a Republican who did not vote for Obama. This is just my gut speaking.