November 14, 2008

Bend Over: They're Not Done Screwing You.

As you know, a lot of your tax money is going to bail out the pinheads on Wall Street who assured you they knew how to handle your money for you.  And a lot more is going to go to pinheads who believed that they could use debt as collateral to incur more debt.

Now, US Sugar is getting a sweet deal from the state of Florida.  Having spent most of the last century growing crops on what was once the heart of Florida's ecosystem, the ground is now contaminated to the point where it's deadly to wildlife. 
The soil shows varying concentrations of copper, selenium, DDT and other agrochemicals -- which could complicate and increase the cost of constructing massive reservoirs and pollution treatment marshes envisioned to replace fields in the future.
So they're selling the land to the State at market value, and the State of Florida - and you and I - will get stuck with the bill for removing thousands of tons of toxic chemicals that US Sugar is leaving behind.
(District Executive Director Carol) Wehle said the state wasn't letting U.S. Sugar off the hook for cleanup costs. It was standard district practice, she said, to absorb the cost of cleaning land to meet the tougher standards required for natural systems.
So, you're not 'letting them off the hook" so much as you're "sticking the taxpayers with the cost of the cleanup," is that it?

I wonder if she said it with a straight face?

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