November 8, 2008

Some Cowardly Guy you may recall, I took SCG to task for his cowardly actions taken to keep people from pointing out that basically every point he made in that post was either a lie or a completely stupid argument for a grown-up to make.

His response came in A Note To My Readers, wherein he responds, in so many words:

I have a very diverse following. I average about a thousand hits a day. Many liberals read my blog, because I have many liberal views. Many conservatives read my blog, because I have some very conservative views. Atheists read my blog, and born again Christians. Libertarians too. Hell, I think even librarians read my blog!

Thus, it is inevitable that from time to time, someone is going to be pissed at me. Occasionally, I shut off comments when I just don’t care to see comments from whatever particular group is pissed at me that day. This pisses people off more, and because they can’t comment on my post, they write on their blogs how horrible and despicable it is for me to write what I believe and then shut comments off! The nerve of me!

This time, he did leave the comments on, and I left him a few. I let him know how disappointed I was that he'd told so many lies in the earlier post. And then he shut off the comments after re-posting the more egregious of his lies.
CL Jahn, I have not lied. What I wrote was what I found to be the truth, along with my opinion. If you think it is a lie, and you think I am a liar and a hypocrite guess what? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass.
Of course, he did lie. He asserts that Obama's " every associate, friend and mentor is a radical communist or flaming socialist." Not "Obama sat on a board with one guy," or "this guy who John McCain gave $480,000 to, once held a fundraiser for Obama." No, SCG would have you believe that this respected US Senator, who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, who was an editor for the prestigious Harvard Law Review, who worked for a church based community organization, and taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School, doesn't know a single American who isn't either a commie or a pinko.
We are just going to have to disagree on this. I stand behind every single thing I said. You believe what you want to, and so will I.
This belies the fact that this isn't about belief. If SCG believes that McCain is simply the better candidate, he could simply have said just that. Bu instead, he trotted out the same tired lies that have been thoroughly debunked over the last few months.
You have never, ever, given any evidence to me, except for a link to Snopes
...other than all these articles I've posted over the last month or so. Don't forget those. I kept saying "I've written on this, it's on my blog." You barely let people respond to your wild libel now, should I really expect you to let me re-post my entire blog into your comment section?
Obama shared an office with him, and served on a board with him, and started his political career in his living room.
Uh, no. Obama didn't share an office with Ayers, and his political career had nothing to do with Ayers. They were both invited to serve on the same board by a Republican. Fella named Annenberg. You might have heard of him, he funded the campaigns of the last four Republican presidents.
ACORN. I suppose you think this group didn’t commit voter fraud, and isn’t a radical left-wing organization? Or are you going to deny that Obama worked for them years ago, and supported them and their goals?
No, and Yes.

ACORN didn't commit voter fraud. Someone has to actually have tried voting when they were not eligible for voting fraud to occur. Since ACORN didn't try voting on the falsisfied registrations, they did not committ voter fraud. In fact, they have committed no crime at all. Whoever filled out the forms did; but once those forms are filled in, ACORN was required BY LAW to turn them over to the local Elections board. And when they turned them over as required by law, the informed the elections board that there were falsified documents in the collection. No laws were broken by ACORN.

Second, Obama "didn't work for" ACORN. Obama represented them in a class action lawsuit against the State of Michigan. Obama was part of a team, and ACORN was one of a dozen or so claimants. In other words, he wasn't employed or retained by ACORN. He was employed by the law firm that ACORN and several other groups retained for counsel.

There is no evidence that Obama directly supported ACORN or its cause, but John McCain actually DID.
Rashid Khalidi - Arab American Action Network (AAAN) founder, pro-Palestinian activist with PLO terrorist connections; and a friend and adviser to Obama in the past. You going to tell me he isn’t a radical?
Are you referring to this Rashid Khalidi?

If Rashid Khalidi is what you say, why did John McCain give him nearly a half million dollars? And if Khalidi is what you say, why aren't you demanding that McCain be removed from office?

If Khalidi is what you say, then McCain committed treason. Me, I don't think McCain is the kind of guy to commit treason. But I guess you do. So I guess you're not only a liar, but a hypocrite as well. How the cranky have fallen!
Sam Graham-Felsen - the official paid blogger for the Obama campaign is a proud Marxist, flies the Communist party flag, and has written articles for a Socialist magazine. You going to tell me this isn’t true?
He doesn't "fly the Communist Party Flag," he displays one that he picked up as a souvenir from a trip to the Soviet Union. He has written articles for a socialist magazine, and many other magazines. That doesn't prove, or even indicate, that he's a marxist or a socialist. In fact, the only place where anyone is saying this is in radical right-wing crackpot blogs.
Leftist liberals are the most intolerant group of people on the entire planet!!!
But I haven't posted some throroughy debunked lies and turned off my comments. Unless a person is posting outright libel, I let dissenting views be posted.
But God help me if I exercise my God given and constitutionally protected free speech right and say something negative
Actually, you LIED. Different than simply "saying something negative." You lied, you defended the lies, you lied again, and true to form, you cut off the discussion rather than own up to the facts.
I have heard you are spending all your time trashing me.
Is it "trashing you" to point out that you have been less than honest with your readers? Is it "trashing you" to compare what you've said to the actual truth?

I don't think I've spent any time at all "trashing" you. Up until this tantrum of yours, I've been a fan. No, I didn't "trash" you. You've trashed yourself. I took a few minutes to point it out, that's all.

And since this is the second of two posts about you, I hardly think that qualifies as "all my time." I have two other blogs and a full time job.

But I'll always make room to denounce a liar or two. It's a shame that you've become one of them.


  1. I'm not going to get in the middle of this but I will say that I had a go round with SCG not too long ago in which he did pretty much the same thing.

    I just don't bother, anymore. I have better things to do to try to prove to a guy that he's either a liar or someone with a real bad memory.

  2. Yeah, I'm done with him, too.

  3. SCG turns off the comments because deep down he knows he is just blowing off steam and is ashamed to admit he is easily influenced by the media and their bending of the truth (aka, false information). Its sad, really. I wasnt surprised to see "God" come up in his argument either. Its a nice crutch to lean on when you know youre wrong. Bottom line is that you cant reach people like this. They will never consider the opinion of the other side of the argument because they are always right in their minds. I am friends with people like this and they are "cranky" too. Stay mad at the world man, itll just put you on a faster subway to the world 6 feet under. I should know, I was once that way too.

  4. SCG speaks "the truth" as much as Rush Limbaugh does, which is not saying much.

  5. I can see why you get irritated: if you take this stuff seriously, reading and re-reading the same collection of imbecilic ranting about flaming socialists, Muslim roots, liberal intolerance, etc., it's like swarming gnats. SCG isn't the only one by a long stretch. Folks of this kidney aren't interested in sifting through the spin, they're set in their ways and want nothing to disabuse them of their views, least of all facts.

    And of course, you find people with the exact same attitude with the exact opposite views. The wingnuts are mirrored perfectly by the moonbats.

    Conversations like these say more about the speakers that what is spoken. They brand themselves as ideologues, undisciplined thinkers, zealots, etc., but more importantly, clowns. Sources of amusement, left and right.

    You're an intelligent guy. You know how to laugh. Now point at the same time and we'll all laugh with you.