April 11, 2011

The Transparent Governor

As you may know, Our Despicable Governor is pushing for drug testing of welfare applicants, and for Medicaid patients to be sent to private facilities.

Facilities like those run by Solantic, a company Scott co-founded in 2001.

Of course, this is obviously a clear violation of ethics.  So Scott got rid of his shares of Solantic.  Well, kind of.
“As you know, I’ve been transparent. I was transparent in my race. I’ve put those assets in my wife’s name,” Scott said. “Everybody knows it. I’ve been very clear. I’ve said that the state will not have a contract with that company. I’ve told everybody, ‘Hold me accountable.’ ”  - Palm Beach Post, April 11 2011
That's right.  He gave them to his wife.  The woman he is married to.  His partner.  Whom he will have and hold, through richer and poorer.  But mostly richer.

Yes, in fact, he didn't really get rid of his shares at all.  They're still in the family, and he still benefits from any business he sends to them as a result of the policies he's putting in place.

Yes, Mr. Scott is transparent - we can see right through his lies.

But Mr. Scott has surrounded him with transparent cronies, who are just as dishonest as he is.  Like his spokesman, Brian Burgess.  Burgess claims that privately held stocks are hard to get rid of.
“I get that people think there’s a conflict, but I don’t get what people think should be done about it,” Burgess said. “If he can’t divest instantly, what should he do?” - Palm Beach Post, April 11, 2011
Well, how about resigning as governor?  That would work for me.  But since he probably won't do that, he should simply stop working on any policy or legislation that would drive business to his own wife's company.  That's what he should do, Brian. 

But we can see right through Scott's insistence that it's not a problem - no thanks to Scott.
Despite Scott’s reiteration that he’s been transparent about transferring the Solantic shares to his wife, it was The Post that first reported the transfer March 13 after interviews with company officials. Six requests to the governor’s office on the topic had been ignored.- Palm Beach Post, April 11, 2011
Yes, we can see right through your transparent schemes and conspiracies, Mr. Scott.  We see straight through to your larcenous little lump of a heart.  We see you lining your pockets, even if you've given them to your wife to wear