November 17, 2008

Spirit Airlines: Still No Customer Service Worth Mentioning.

Yet another customer screwed over by Spirit Airlines.
I bought tickets on June 19 to leave that same night at 11:20 p.m. I was at the airport waiting at 8 p.m. and asked a supervisor to confirm that my plane left at 11:20. He assured me it did. As soon as I arrived at the gate, the plane was backing up and the person at the gate told me I was too late.

The person at the counter said he could reimburse the money, then he went into the office and never returned. I spoke to a Spirit representative who said she could fix things, but I have not heard back from anyone.
That's when the victim unhappy customer contacted Action Line. Well, actually, there was a bit of a gap:
We contacted Spirit on Oct. 22. After five e-mails and a few phone calls, Misty Pinson, a Spirit spokeswoman, e-mailed us and told us that your issue had been resolved.
For those of you who can count (which apparently excludes every employee of Spirit), that's four months that Spirit held onto that money.

On the bright side, at least the plane didn't sit on the tarmac hours past its take-off time.

They did, eventually, refund the money. They even threw in a $100 travel voucher. Yeah, THAT's an incentive. Save a hundred bucks off a next flight that doesn't take off, leaving you stranded on the tarmac for hours while Spirit sells you drinks at full costs, all because the flight crew had reached their work limits for the day.
But remember Spirit's Motto, as stated by their CEO, Ben Baldanza:
"Let him tell the world how bad we are. He's never flown us before anyway and will be back when we save him a penny."
Of course, it's not much of a savings if you're buying a ticket that doesn't actually get you to your destination, is it?

I have a great new slogan for Spirit:
"When you absolutely, positively don't need to get anywhere in a timely manner, or even at all."

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