July 24, 2009

The Sun-Sentinel: New Levels of Suckitude.

I try. I want to enjoy my local paper's website, I really do.

But the Sun-Sentinel website is such a lousy steaming pile of shit that it's impossible to ignore how bad the site is.

Take this, from the today's homepage:

Oooh. Inviting. I take a drink now and then. I'm up for trying out a new place. Let's see what they got:

Hmm. Nothing about a "good pour" here; Lil Kim, some asshole named "Pharrel" (he's an asshole because he doesn't spell it with an "F"), Broke I mean Brooke Hogan, blah blah blah, nothing about a good pour here.

Oh, wait, the "improved" Sun-Sentinel tends to put critical stuff "below the fold." After all, why put the story you want up top where you expect, when they can make you scroll and scroll and scroll....

Nope. Nothing relating to the link I clicked on AT ALL. Just when you think the Sun-Sentinel could not suck any more than it already does, it goes and sucks more.

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