July 28, 2009

NBC 6 Sets New Benchmark for Poor Taste (updated)

Rick over at South Florida Daily Blog called it "Stupid Headlines R Us," so I had to see it.

Wow. This is worse than stupid. It's thoughtless. There's nothing remotely funny about this story.
...the animal was probably still alive when chunks of its chest and legs were sliced off by the illegal butchers. Then the horse was lit on fire near its stable.
I don't know who is writing the headlines for NBCMiami; it probably was NOT reporter Todd Wright. But whoever wrote it, they ought to be sent out to help clean up the dead horse. That'll give them perspective on what is and isn't funny.

Shame on NBCMiami for not only coming up with it, but actually using it, and then letting it stay up.

At some point in the day, they did change the title, but the URL still tells the tale:


  1. I'm guessing the reporter did write that headline given the snide remark at the end of the article.

    He also posted an article about a homeless man who was nearly killed after the dumpster he was sleeping in was picked up by a garbage truck. In the article, he makes TWO Oscar the Grouch references.

    I wonder if he's auditioning for The Daily Show with this writing.

  2. And all the comments are gone.

  3. NBCMiami really has gone right down the toilet, hasn't it?

  4. This guy Wright has to be the stupidist reporter od all time! His stories are lame, high schoolers can do a better job. NBC needs to fire him and hire a real reporter!