June 30, 2009

Why I Don't Use Norton (Or McAfee).

It's the fact that the don't work very well, cause more problems than they cure, and their tech support is exactly like THIS
I think my Norton Support person is seeking some support himself.I've been on line w/him for over 30 minutes now & have accomplished nothing
3:35 PM Jun 25th from web
If you're one of the suckers using Norton or McAfee, do yourself a favor: remove them, and install avast!

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  1. I have to agree. Just over a year ago my AVG allowed a virus through, so after I got it all cleaned out I shelled out $50 for McAfee. It worked ok, but eventually it started demanding that I restart my computer after every update. Sometimes more than twice a day. Their tech support was useless, and when it expired I gleefully downloaded Avast. Good advice, sir.