September 28, 2008

"It's PALIN Season!"

Bob Herbert of the New York Times offers up a thoughtful look at Sarah Palin, and her treatment in the press. After reviewing her recent interviews, and the McCain campaign mop-up operations following them, Mr. Herbert declares "open season" on the sometime moose hunter:
"The press has an obligation to hammer away at Ms. Palin’s qualifications. If it turns out that she has just had a few bad interviews because she was nervous or whatever, additional scrutiny will serve her well."
In light of this, I will no longer hold off writing about Palin's long list of flaws as a vice-presidential candidate. Bob Herbert is absolutely right; the pressure we put on her now is nothing compared to what she will face in the White House. "If she can't stand the heat," ...but this old homily might be construed as sexist, so I'll just leave it at that.

For my part, I will promise not to write articles simply to trash her and/or her family. I will try to balance out the realities of her family life against those of my friends and families, in a manner wholly consistent with my acceptance of those values held dear by me and my loved ones.

But I will smack her around when she makes statements that contradict her stated views. Or says something else really stupid.

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