September 15, 2008

In Which the Author Gets a Haircut

Part of moving is discovering "your" new places; the stores you'll be shopping at, the restaurants that you'll frequent, and so on.

This weekend, I found "my" barber shop; the Las Olas Barbershop.

Las Olas Barber Shot

Everything is right about the Las Olas Barber Shop. It's two doors down from "my" diner, the Floridian, it's open reasonably late so I can get there after work, it even smells right. It's the real deal, it's been there since 1951. That's even before Travis McGee found his way to Fort Lauderdale! You don't find a lot of Fort Lauderdale that pre-dates McGee.

And my barber was, well, kinda hot. You see, the barbers at the Las Olas Barber Shop are all women. Karli took a look at me as I sat in the chair, and immediately said "Neaten it up, right? Bring it over the ears and thin it out?" This is what I've told every barber I've ever had, and it's the first time I've ever had a barber use those words to me the first time I've been there.

And yes, she finished with hot lather and a straight razor to clean up the back of my neck. (If you've had a proper hair cut, you know how important this is.)

Trav would approve. And so do I.


  1. How much for a cut?

  2. Eighteen bucks. Not out of line, if not the cheapest cut in town. I thought it was worth.

  3. Dude, any barber who busts out the straight razor is worth it. Do they offer the shave and hot towel too? Oy. You just don't get that kind of service anymore.

  4. Yes, they do offer the shave and hot towel.

    Down your way, Jimmy's Barber Shop offers a similar experience, but the barbers are South American, and the shop just doesn't have that history; and it doesn't SMELL like 50 years of aftershave.

    But here's what you do: come up and have a late breakfast at the Floridian, sitting at the counter. Then wander two doors down for your shave. Or vice versa, it's all good.