September 21, 2008

McCain; Fundamentally Poor Judgement

You've seen the clip over and over and over again; McCain stating that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" in the face of the largest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

Not that he knows what those fundamentals are; he has stated in the past, on the record, that he has "a lot to learn about the economy."

Since then, he's had to backpedal, revise, and make stuff up in order to try and save face. By "fundamentals" he meant "American workers." In that interview when he said he didn't know about the economy, what he really meant was that he knew so much about National Security, that it was like he didn't know much about, that is to say, of course he knows about the economy, he just, as a former prisoner of war, is well-versed in National Security issues.

In the last few months, McCain can barely open his mouth without inserting his foot into it. And that might be overlooked if he didn't insist that what appears to be foot is something else entirely.

I find McCain a worse choice when I remember that this isn't the FIRST time there's been a huge economic failure during a Republican administration and McCain made bad choices. Remember the Savings and Loan Crisis from twenty years ago? More to the point, do you remember Charles Keating and the five senators who tried to interfere with what little regulation there was ?

One of "the Keating five" was Senator John McCain. While McCain was cleared of corruption charges and found to have not violated any laws, he was chastised by the Ethics Committee for his extremely poor judgement. He would later write that his involvment was "the worst mistake of my life."

He made a bad choice, and had to explain it away later.

Sound familiar?

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