March 5, 2009

Remember When the Drought Ended?

It was October. This past October. Less than six months ago.
"Tropical Storm Fay put the bullet in the drought. The rains we had this weekend and since Tropical Storm Fay finished it off."
- Geoff Shaughnessy, South Florida Water Management District, as reported in the Palm Beach Post.
The Army Corps of Engineers dumped water out of Lake Okeechobee, but that danged Water Management District insisted on keep lawn watering restrictions in place.

And here's why:
Florida's November-to-May dry season began drier than normal, resulting in a rainfall deficit of more than half a foot. During February, the 16-county district averaged less than half an inch of rain, which was about 19 percent of the historic average.
- Sun Sentinel, March 5 2009
So how bad is it really?

Florida Drought Monitor

Severe. We are in a severe drought.

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