March 3, 2009

McDonalds Rips Off Patron Goodman thought she was in a legitimate business when she walked into a Fort Pierce McDonalds last week. But after paying for her 10 piece McNuggets, Goodman was told they were out of the chicken dish.

And things got ugly.

When Goodman turned down an offer of a burger to replace the chicken, she was informed that "all sales were final." The cashier refused to refund her money, even though they are obligated to do so by law; you can't collect money for goods or services you can't deliver.

Irate, Goodman decided to call the police; after all, McDonald's was ripping her off.

Unfortunately, she called 911 instead of the direct line. And worse, she called 911 three times.

Goodman was served a notice to appear on a misuse of 911 charge.

Yes, Goodman was wrong to call 911 over the matter. But McDonald's was wrong to take Goodman's money when they could not deliver the product they promised. Once Goodman turned down the offer of a substitute, her money should have been refunded immediately.

You see, what the clueless idiot at the McDonald's register failed to take into account is that a sale isn't final until the agreed upon product has been delivered. While offering a replacement is a good business practice, you can't force someone to accept a product they don't want. The customer wanted McNuggets, and when they ran out, they were obligated to offer a choice: a replacement, or a refund.

If McDonalds has been forcing patrons to accept food they didn't order or lose their money, they are breaking the law, and should be dealt with; firmly and harshly. One hopes that this clear violation of the law is limited to the one restaurant. But I'd be hesitant to do business with McDonald's until I know that they've corrected the situation, and an error this size calls for some staffing changes at a minimum.

Let that be a warning to you: McDonald's might rip you off, and if they do, call the police business line and not 911.


  1. Wow, dumb vs. dumber. Yeah, the cashier was wrong, but calling it an emergency? Something tells me this rocket scientist will be losing a lot more than $4.99.

    Also, at the bottom of the article they explain what McNuggets are. Fair enough, there might be some South Pacific islander who just arrived and doesn't know about such things, but what bearing on the story does this: Goodman’s 10-piece selection has 460 calories and 29 grams of fat. have?

  2. None whatsover, but at the time I was writing, my ire was all for McD's.

  3. I doubt this had less to do with Mcdonalds policy & more to do with ignorance on each side of the counter.
    I remember being on tour & asking for a receipt from a young cashier at a food court Wendy's. The poor thing looked confused, looked at the printer and then said "We're not allowed to give out receipts". Fortunately there was a manager just around the courner with knowledge and I promptly got my receipt. It was obvious the kid didn't know how to do what I asked. So, the cover up.

    "Be afraid, be very afraid"

  4. what the McFugget?