March 19, 2009

Marlins Deal Smells Fishier

From the Miami Herald:

The owner of a construction company slated to build a new baseball stadium in Miami faced a previous FEC fine over campaign contributions; he blamed 'record keeping' problems.

Nothing like a hint of corruption to taint an already unpopular swindle, hmmm?

Oh, the "problem" with the records? His former employer maintains that Bob Moss was fired for reimbursing employees for their donations to candidates, and he maintains that he quit.

Centex-Rooney's parent company, Centex Corporation in Dallas, investigated Moss' employee bonus program and informed the FEC, records show. Moss reimbursed 10 employees, according to a 2003 letter from Centex attorneys to the FEC's enforcement division. Moss himself was the biggest beneficiary of the bonus program -- the company reimbursed him $42,175 for contributions.

The Centex-Rooney letter said the company had 'moved quickly and decisively to address the problems at Rooney. Mr. Moss' employment has been terminated.''

On Wednesday, Moss said: ``I actually resigned from Centex before the investigation.''

Oh, OK. He quit BEFORE they caught him breaking the law. That's completely different than being FIRED for being caught breaking the law.

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