January 15, 2009

Well, That's Just...Stupid.

PETA takes stupidity to dizzying new heights with their latest strategy to save animals from harm, according to this story from WPBF.

They sent a letter to the president of Palm Beach Atlantic University, requesting that an alteration to their school mascot. 
"If Sailfish became Sea Kitten and everyone in town started calling fish sea kittens, fewer of these gentle animals would be violently killed for food, painfully hooked for sport or cruelly confined to aquariums," said PETA's "Save the Sea Kittens" campaign coordinator
Ashley Byrne.
No, they're really serious.

PETA urged the school to change its mascot from the Sailfish to Sea Kitten "to reflect the gentle nature of its current marine namesake."

Yeah, they're cut and cuddly.

They are beautiful. But they are a top predator, and "sea kitten" just doesn't cut the mustard.

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