January 16, 2009

Dictionary Fun with Dave Engle

Dave Engle should read a dictionary. Assuming he can read of course, which is a huge leap of faith, given the breadth of ignorance so far displayed in this article.

He recently visited the Kansas City Zoo. While visiting the asian-themed section of the park, he noted a pair statues of Buddha. He angrily wrote the park's management and accused them of idolatry.
idol·a·try: the worship of a physical object as a god
KCTV5 has a photo of the statues; they are standing on either side of a walkway. No one appears to be bowed down before them in worship, nor is there any sign of sacrifices left at their feet.

In fact, they appear to be little more than decoration.
dec·o·ra·tion: something that adorns, enriches, or beautifies : ornament
You see, David Engler is misreading the 2nd commandment, which states "You shall not make for yourself an idol."

See that little bit of text I emphasized there? The ten commandments are meant to be a code for the individual believer.

In fact, Mr. Engler seems to be violating the 9th commandment (You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor) and the 10th (you shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.)

If Mr. Engler spent more time reading, he might have a chance of saving his own soul. But right now, it's not looking so good for him.

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