January 30, 2009

Wait, 5 to 7, or death? Let me think about it...

The first two paragraphs of the Sun-Sentinel story say it all:

The defendant faithfully attended every court hearing, and was pleasant to the judge. On Friday morning, when he entered Courtroom 7750 at the County Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale, he fully expected charges against him would be dropped.

Instead, the judge revoked bond for John Ross and ordered him into custody. As he was about to be handcuffed, the father of three fled, jumped into the New River and drowned within minutes.

He seemed polite for an escaped prisoner:

Ray Castellanos, 35, was working on a boat docked along the river when Ross appeared."He stopped right in front of me and asked if he could get on."

The very sad part is that his lawyer really thought he had a good case, and would be able to get Ross off.

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