March 31, 2012

Howard Greenberg Must Be On Crack.

So, on Friday, the Sun Sentinel posted a letter from their publisher and CEO, Howard Greenberg.  He's the man who took a mediocre paper and turned it into something birds won't shit on.

The gist of the article; this blithering idiot  the Sun-Sentinel wants to CHARGE us to access their website.

First, only one out of every three stories even originate with the Sentinel; the rest come from their beat sharing deal with the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post and WSVN.

The remaining third is rarely worth reading.  In fact, the Sun Sentinel website is a pile of steaming eTurds.  It's an unnavigable mess, with little content worth reading.

Five bucks a month for mostly regurgitated stories, and the few stories they actually manage to produce themselves are either poorly written or poorly researched, and usually both.

I've only been reading the Sun-Sentinel for the theatre reviews, an act of futility since they fired their last actual theatre critic.  Now they send out the fashion editor, and while he might be a great fashion editor, he's a lousy theatre critic.  

The Sun-Sentinel is barely worth reading now.  You'd have to be whacked on drugs to even think of charging people to access the pitiful amount of content actually worth reading.

So, after April 9, don't look for any more links to the Sun-Sentinel.  I'm not spending a dime for that crap.

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