October 22, 2009

When Did Terrorists Take Over Colorado?

Seriously, what the hell is going on in Colorado?  The cops are having a field day beating the crap out of people:

I love the bit where the police spokesthug Sonny Jackson saying "it would be a rush to judgement" to say that Michael Cordova unquestionably violated the law by lying under oath about Heeney's arrest. No, Mr. Jackson, it would NOT be a rush to judgment to say that these cops violated the law and their oaths. But it shows poor judgment on your part that you're not harshly criticizing these uniformed criminals.

But that's probably because all the cops in Colorado may be as twisted as the ones that beat up Heeney.

Like this gang of reprobates:

She's not sure if she's going to sue.  I say she should absolutely sue the crap out of them; the cops AND the city for employing them.

And then there's the case of Marc Johnson:
...he saw two officers holding someone down, the lawsuit states.

"One officer was hitting the individual in the face, and the other officer started kicking him in the face," documents state. "The individual was also tased by the officers."

Johnson started to film the incident and made the officers aware by shouting, "I believe you are kicking that guy in the face with your boot," the lawsuit states.
The cops then beat up Johnson, too.  They claim they have nothing to hide, but refuse to release the police reports.

I guess they were too busy watching Adams County deputies beating up
three generations
of a Denver family.  Taka Fushima saw cops roughing
up his son on the street outside his home.  He told the deputies that
we was going to get his video camera to record their brutality.
That was when one of the Adams County (Colorado) deputies pounced on him, threatening to arrest him before pushing him into a glass window of his home.
Fushima's 85 year old father stepped outside to see what all that noise was:
Fushimi Sr. said he was just coming out of the house to find out what was going on. He bent down to pick up his son’s wallet when officers twisted his arm and pushed him to the concrete.
A neighbor witnessed the entire thing.

I finally have to say that maybe we DO need to get out of Afghanistan, so we can free the citizens of Colorado from the wild-eyed horde terrorizing them: Colorado law officers.

Thanks to Carlos Miller for pointing out these stories.


  1. And they wonder why innocent people run from the cops! I wouldn't feel safe if I was stopped by a cop at night on a deserted street. Too many thugs with licenses out there!

  2. What about in our own back yard? Read what Tom Falco, author of the Coconut Grape Vine said about those he did not agree with at a public meeting where private citizens were running for the elected office of The Coconut Grove Village Council. He called opponents of those he supported "COMMUNIST" & "BULLIES".
    Communist, bullies, talk about creating tumult, anger, hate and rage! People who read this kind of stuff stay away from the Grove community, just when we need their participation the most.