October 19, 2009

Miami Herald Sucks at Geography

First, they put Palm Beach County in Broward County

Now, they've put the entire state of New Jersey into Florida:

No matter how you spin this, this really isn't a Florida news story.  Is it of interest to Floridians?  Sure.  But it takes place entirely outside of Florida.
The manatee... has since disappeared from the Arthur Kill, a waterway between New Jersey and Staten Island, N.Y.
Sure, manatees are native to Florida, but they don't know that.  Manatees are animals.  Coyotes have been sighted in The Bronx, but do you think Texas papers put that story in the LOCAL section?  Of course not.

This is a NATIONAL story, because it takes place out in the NATION.  And that's where a competent editor would have put the story.

Every time they layoff people, they keep the worst editors.  No wonder people aren't reading newspapers anymore.

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