October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Sunshine

It's a gorgeous day in South Florida. Rather than face the stack of dirty dishes in the sink, I headed down to my local coffee shop, for caffeine and wireless.

Two young women were sipping lattes and reading books; the one in the peach top was reading a Kindle, and occasionally texting on her cel phone. I suspect she's tweeting.

The is the first time I've seen a kindle "in the wild," and she enthusiastically answered questions about it. It gets like over a week on a charge, can hold about 400 books, which cost between 4.99 and 6.99. You can read blogs and email on it. She left it on last night, and it's still got 95% charge left.

She and her girlfriend started talking about lunch possibilities, and she consulted the recipe book in her Kindle about tomato bisque. She then realized she didn't have a Wine book, and downloaded one.

Show off.

I feel almost like a dinosaur on m Lenovo Y510. On the other hand, my laptop has kick-ass sound and a subwoofer, so I can't complain to much. On the gripping hand, I went from full charge to 89% in about 20 minutes, unlike the week or so with the Kindle.

As I finish my coffee (Guatemalan beans, mmmm) I watch a woman walk by wrapped up in a heavy if fashionable wool coat.

It's 65 degrees out, people. You won't die of exposure between the car and your front door. Although, I confess, I'm wearing socks and a corduroy shirt.

So much for the morning; it's afternoon, and I'm off to enjoy the day....

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  1. Here on South Beach I know when the temps fall below 70 because all the fashionistas break out the leggings, boots, parkas and scarves.