August 3, 2008

Chez has a way with words.

I've been somewhat absent; I'm in the middle of moving from Coral Gables to Fort Lauderdale, and it's eating up more of my time than I would have thought. Where did I get all this crap, anyway?

Taking a coffee break, I read the latest at Deus Ex Malcontent, and I just fell in love with Chez' description of CNN's Wicked Witch, Nancy Grace:
"She's a vile, unscrupulous monster who peddles morbid prurience like a five-dollar whore and whose brand of rank solipsism is matched only by her near-sociopathic disregard for the lives she's ruined and exploited and by her apparent contempt for the tenets of responsible journalism (to say nothing of basic human decency)."

I only wish he was exaggerating. Nasty Nancy, in case you missed it, drove a woman to kill herself last year. Melinda Duckett's son was abducted, and Grace the Ghoul convinced Duckett to appear on her CNN show to state her case and appeal to the captors' mercy. Instead, Nasty Nancy viciously harangued Duckett, accusing her of killing her own son. Duckett killed herself before the episode aired.

Duckett's son has never been found. If Duckett was complicit in his disappearance, Grace killed any chance of discovering it.

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