August 24, 2008


Maniac Central has been relocated. I once again reside in Fort Lauderdale, and my commute is once again a short bike ride.


I've already met all my neighbors in the building, something that took several months in Coral Gables. Teddy helped me lug all my stuff off the truck, Santiago arrived at the end and handed us some ice cold water. I also met the family next door, as well as this guy:
This guy is actually friendlier than he looks. No, really!

Today, I rode my bike over to Publix. I packed my baskets with my green re-usable grocery bags, and as I was unlocking my bike at Publix, the young woman loading groceries into the baby seat on her bike commented on my slick fold-out baskets.
"Wow. I'll have to get me some of those! I can only take my bike shopping when I leave the little one at home!"
I told here where to find them, then she and her older son (about 8 years old, and on his own bike) pedaled off home. And I did the same, in another direction. I'm currently feeling ridiculously self-righteous, which I don't deserve seeing has how winded I am from the ride. Who turned up the gravity?

So I'm moved, the great big national conference we hosted at work has successfully concluded, and I finally have time to get back to blogging...and other things.


  1. Pray tell me more of these baskets.

  2. They are made by a company called Wald. When open, they each hold a full re-usable grocery bag ( or the old brown paper sack). They fold up nice and tight against the sides, making it easy to lock up the bike or store it. The link leads you to their website, and has pictures of them open and closed.

    I got mine through Amazon; when I added the rear rack to mount them on, it was under $50.

    I've even hauled my laundry on them: open them both up, then bungee a laundry basket on top.