July 16, 2008

Houston Missed the Last Fifty Years.

Somehow, school officials in Fort Bend County have not realized that we're not living in the 1950's.
A Houston-area school board will decide if a boy's long hair should keep him from attending school after a superintendent denied the request, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.
- Click2Houston.com
The student's family, who are members of the Apache tribe, argue that according to their religious beliefs, hair should only be cut if one faces a life-shattering change.

Enrolling their son in what is a apparently the last bastion of McCarthy-era bigotry might actually count as that.

One wonders were in the hell schools superintendent Curtis Rhodes has
been living, because it obviously can't have been THIS planet. Not only does he betray his complete lack of connection to the morés of the 21st century, he's trampling all over the US Constitution.

Curtis Rhodes a prime example of what we only wish was a vanishing breed: the American Redneck. One need look no further than Needville to see what ails our country. Too many small towns cling to ignorance and bigotry instead of enlightenment and decency.

It's probably safe to assume that the local chamber of commerce also hosts a Klan Night.

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  1. Not surprised after what Rhodes did in Athens, TX, check with local attorney Fred Head for details.