December 27, 2007

What is it with the Herald, anyway?

So which is it? Don't you know? It's your story. You should have determined which it was before you went to press.

As it turns out, THREE were fired, and only ONE quit. The three who were sacked, while all fired at the same time, were all fired for different reasons, and the guy who quit didn't say why.

We expect more from the South Florida's pre-eminent news journal than a sloppy banner.

Why didn't they put up something, well, accurate?
3 fired from State Attorney, 1 other quits.

Personnel changes at State Attorney's office.
or simply:
3 fired from Dade State Attorney's Office
After all, 99% of the story is about the three people who were sacked; the guy who quit was barely mentioned in the story.

Hey, waitaminute: isn't it the Miami-Dade State attorney's office?


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