December 16, 2007

We All Lose.

I'm sure a lot of you who read MoM are familiar with STUCK ON THE PALMETTO.

Heck, you probably came here from there, either through their blogroll, or following me back from some comment I've made over there. "What th-? Who the hell is THIS moron?"

Stuck on the Palmetto was usually my first stop of the day, and a place I checked in on during my breaks. Rick or Alex always managed to put up one more thing. Whether or not I agreed with their commentary, it was almost always topical and interesting.

Alas, it's no more.

A lot of blogs die. Most just peter out; the bloggers lose interest, or life takes them to some other endeavour. The posts start appearing less frequently, maybe monthly, then six months go by and they frantically slap up a post or two, and then....silence.

But SotP didn't wither. It was going full steam, with lots of commentary, and pointing out stories we might otherwise have missed. It was in full bloom, vigorous and fresh and full of promise.

I won't re-hash the events that killed it; if you followed Rick and Alex, you know what happened. I won't pin blame; there's enough to go around, that's for sure. But blame won't bring back the blog that New Times readers kept picking as Numero Uno in South Florida. We can hold our breaths until we all turn blue, and it will do no good. They've closed up shop, and not even the archives remain.

They signed off with Pat Metheny's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress." One last tune before they fade into memory.

But I'm sending them off with this one

So long, SotP. We hardly knew ye.


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  2. CL...we've had our differences but don't think for one moment that I haven't been following your comments at SotP these last few days. Thanks for your support and this nice post. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. Good luck with MoM.


  3. Thanks, Rick. Best of luck to you, wherever life leads you.
    Maybe when the dust settles, you'll start a new project that won't create conflicts with day-to-day stuff. I hope you do.

  4. I gotta say I like your send off just a little bit better than Rick's, about a half a twang less emo than his.

    I wonder whether they would qualify for best blog of 2007 as well (although with things going as they did, me thinks Rick would not welcome the added attention).


  5. CL: You're quoted about SoTP in today's Miami Hurled. I have the link on my blog, if you have trouble accessing.

  6. All is not lost. Just go and visit the Wayback Machine for past archives of LotP and don't forget to visit American Drumslinger, another fine, although nsfw south Florida blog.

  7. Well, Bullseye, thanks for your link to the 6 pages archived on the Wayback Machine. I'm surprised there isn't more on there.

    In fairness, I have to point out that your blog, while colorful, isn't going to replace SotP. Which, despite the word "STUCK," wasn't a porn aggregator.