December 20, 2007

December the Twenty First

December the 21 is the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. And forty-four years ago, I was born on this day.

In most of the US, it's usually gray, short, and cold day. Fortunately, my dad was working on the space program, so I was born in Daytona Beach. My parents brought me home Christmas Day, and my mother has always said I was the best Christmas Present she ever got. Well, I was certainly the most expensive ;-)

You might think I got gypped, being born so close to Christmas; but Mom and Dad made sure that I always had a birthday party, and they worked hard to make sure that it didn't feel like it was being combined with the holiday in any way. Except for that one incident with the Egg Nog Ice Cream; but since I love egg nog, Dad got a pass on it from Mom.

Me. Age 22 hours.

While I know about a handful of celebrities who share my date de naissance, I didn't know about all the historical events that occurred on it, at least according to WikiPedia:

Notable Events on this date:

Notable Births on this date:
Holidays and observances:

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  1. Happy birthday. What's it like having one in common with Jane Fonda?

  2. I've gone 44 years without knowing about Jane Fonda.

    I've always thought of it as "having one in common with Frank Zappa."