October 23, 2012

CNN Gets It Wrong

CNN was fact-checking the third presidential debate, a process I heartily endorse.

But only if you do it logically and honestly.  And on that score, CNN falls a bit short.

Take this one:

What CNN is refuting isn't what Obama actually said; helpfully, they've included the correct quote.  But whoever 'fact-checked' this one lacks basic reading comprehensions skills.

"... you initially opposed a timetable in Afghanistan, now you're for it..."

What Romney actually did - again, from this same CNN article:
What Romney has disagreed with was the announcement of the withdrawal deadline...
What is a timetable?  A schedule of activity.  You can't have a timetable without deadlines, they are the point of a timetable.

So in fact, according to CNN's own fact checking, Obama's claim is clearly true.

The only way you can come to a different conclusion is if you completely mis-characterize Obama's statements.  Which, of course, is what happened here:
Obama accused Romney of initially being against a withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan in 2014.
Again, this is a different statement than the quote they presented:
"... you initially opposed a timetable in Afghanistan, now you're for it..."
The rest of their fact checking in this article... um.... checks out.


  1. Hey, didn't I see this post somewhere else?


  2. Please ignore the man behind the curtain...

  3. Hmm. I think what they're saying is that Romney supported the timing of the withdrawal, but would have wanted to keep it secret.

  4. That might be what they meant to say. But it's not what they did say.

  5. Accordingly, situation of the troops and the Afghanistan's stability will dictate if the troops will withdraw or not. Hopefully, both candidates will agree in this issue.