October 2, 2011

Loveland High School: Unwarranted Intrusion

If you want to find an example of unwarranted government intrusion, you need look no farther than Loveland, Ohio's high school.
Dozens of teens, including many honor students, were reprimanded this week for wearing yoga pants to Loveland High School.
- WLWT news
The school's dress code, in regards to girl's clothing, simply states that "revealing clothing" is prohibited, and students are not permitted to wear clothing that is "deemed to be distracting."

The school district's dress code is worthless.  It's vague beyond any standard of reason, and only a pinhead would use this poorly constructed mess to punish students.  There's nothing defining "revealing" or "distracting."  By some standards, showing a women's face is "revealing," and wearing anything with color could be "distracting."

Just so you understand the issue in its entirety,
here's an example of yoga pants:

Yoga is about range of motion, and these pants are stretchy, to allow freedom of movement.  But they're not really all that tight and clingy.  They're just really comfortable.

What they are not is particularly revealing;they are loose, and are always fairly flared.

Compare them to current trends in blue jeans, which are permitted:

And certainly they show a lot less than the average skirt:

Personally, I am not opposed to school uniforms; it ends all the ambiguity.  Everyone knows what's acceptable, and it ensures that no one can arbitrarily decide that a fashion they don't approve of is verboten on a moment's whim.

But there is no uniform code.  In that case, a reasonable set of guidelines should be provided. It wasn't.

It's ludicrous that students were suspended for violating a set of rules that don't actually determine anything measurable. These suspensions should be reversed, and whoever approved them should be reviewed for competence, because this action sure doesn't indicate its presence.

Whatever idiot decided that yoga pants are an issue is disrupting the process of education far more than a pair of pants ever could.

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