October 12, 2011

Language Lesson for CBS4 Miami

On their home page today, CBS4 posted a little poll.  And they included an egregious language blunder in it.
Did you catch the mistake?

"I could care less" means that you do care.  After all, if you could care less, it means you have to be caring at least a little bit.  In order to care less, you first have to care some.

The correct phrase is "I could NOT care less."  It's pretty clear that you can't care less than not caring at all.  Your caring level is at rock bottom, there's no more down to go.

Where do I stand on the NBA lockout?  Millionaires and billionaires are squabbling over crumbs while the workers who make the games happen are left without any income at all.  People are losing their homes while the jerk players and the asinine owners bicker.  Players making six figures a year and better can coast through this; the people who sell concessions, food, and beverages live paycheck to paycheck.

I care about the people the NBA is shafting, but I could not care less about the games.

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