September 24, 2009

Some Fibbing Guy

I have no problem with anyone expressing their opinions; we all have them, and we all think they're wonderful.

But when you have to lie to support your opinions, well, I have to wonder what kind of broken mind is at work.

A local blogger took some photos on his trip home.  And down towards the bottom of the page, he rants and raves about the express lanes on I-95 in Dade County"
And see those two totally empty lanes to the left? Yeah, that’s the key – empty.
And here's the photo he uses to support his rant:

So you read his rant, you take a cursory glance at the picture, and you think - 'wow, those lanes ARE a waste!'

But you have to realize two things: first, this is a STILL photo not a video, and second, there are at least four cars in the lane at the moment in time caught in the photo.  Don't see them?  Let me help you:

See them there at the left?  You've got a pickup truck, a van, and SUV, and some smaller car.  They're about 12 or so car-lengths ahead.  You can place them by the lamp-posts in the photo - they are at the third post away from the camera.

So why is it important that this is a still and not a video?  Because you can't gauge the relative speeds, or how long the lanes are really "empty."  The four cars in that lane are likely only a few seconds ahead.  Another grouping of cars could be on the verge of coming into view, but we'll never know.  If this fibbing guy wants to prove something, video is the way to go.

The truth is that the I-95 Express lane has improved traffic flow on this section of I-95.  If you're using the lane, you're zipping by the fibber taking this picture.  But don't feel to bad for him: his average speed on this section has sped up, too.  Just not as much.


  1. I dont buy all these "studies" that have been done to support the government's decision to make us working taxpayers pay if we dont want to sit in traffic. There is still a shitload of traffic, period. Unless you a.) travel from the start of the fast lanes all the way to the Glades interchange or b.) want to pay money to avoid sitting in traffic on a state highway that your taxes already pay for, the lanes are useless. Cranky Guy is right to gripe about this. The amount of money squandered on this project shouldve been used towards alternative forms of mass transit.

  2. I don't care. I love the feeling of superiority.

  3. Blind Mind, I actually agree with youn on the toll part. But I've been pushing for these "express lanes" for 20 years. And from my commute, they've been successful. They do the job, and they would do the job without the tolls, just like they do in other places.

  4. Right, its basically an HOV lane like you might find in other cities all over the country except it has a barrier to keep the driver on a fast track to one destination. That is fine in my book. Charging commuters a fee so that they dont have to sit in traffic is simply an insult.

  5. You are certainly entitled to your view. It is wrong, but you are entitled to it. I drive I-95 five days a week. I know the facts.
    Yes, if you are driving from downtown Miami to the Golden Glades Interchange, it is a stunning success. But if you are driving from any other point between, you are not allowed to speed through the empty pay lanes. You are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all the way.

    I don't appreciate you calling me a fibbing guy either, but usually people who don't have facts use name calling as an alternative "discussion" technique.


  6. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm using your picture. And it clearly shows that the lanes you claim are empty are not empty at all.

    The fact is that before the pay lanes it was bumper to bumper traffic along that stretch. And the fact is that the bumper to bumper traffic in that area moves faster now than it did then.

    It saves me 10 minutes if I get on at 79th street and go bumper to bumper, and 20 minutes if I'm using the express lanes. Either way, I'm getting home sooner.

    So suck it.