May 2, 2009

Justice Served to Greedy Cop

You may recall the story of Andrea Eichhorn. While responding to a 911 call for a drowning child, she slipped and fell on a puddle of water from the boy. The boy was resuscitated, but suffered severe brain damage, and will spend the rest of his life in a vegetative state. Eichhorn recieved treatment for he injuries, then sued the boy's family.

The outcry from the public was loud, and it was unanimous: string the bitch up!

Against the overwhelming tide of public opinion, Eichhorn did drop her lawsuit. But the damage was done, and she was suspended, then fired from her job with the Cassleberry Police Department.

On April 16, the Orland Sentinel reported that she lost her appeal to be reinstated.
"We regretted the negative community impact this incident created and will continue to strive to build trust and high levels of confidence between our police department and the community it serves,"
-City Manager Barbara Lipscomb
"The arbitrator's ruling to uphold the city's decision will allow the Casselberry Police Department to move forward and put this unfortunate situation behind us and bring closure for the Cosmillo family,"
-Chief James Ruf, Casselberry Police Department
As I wrote in October of 2007:
"This might well be the most publicized career suicide in history."
Now, if only David Heil, her scumbag lawyer, would be disbarred, justice would be complete.

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  1. Wow. I'm actually going to defend an attorney. Here goes:

    I work in a law firm and we've had similarly stupid cases. At the initial consultation, we would tell the person their case has no merit, but if you really want to go through with this, we'll need the money up front. $5,000. Nothing gets done until the check clears. Then write the best possible complaint and wait for it to get dismissed. And in this economy, I don't blame lawyers one bit for doing that. Civil lawsuits are the bread and butter and they are getting fewer and farther between.

    Meanwhile, it is estimated that this October, Miami-Dade is expected to reach the breaking point in criminal cases. Not enough prosecutors, not enough public defenders, no money to hire more, no lawyers who can afford to be pay off their 6 figure school loan on a $30k a year salary. Misdemeanors will start being thrown out just because there's no funds or time to try it. Now, THERE'S a story for you.