April 30, 2009

The Post's hideous new PBPulse is DOA. (And if we're lucky, it'll stay that way.)

What's more embarrassing that rolling out a brand new website and having readers complain about the excessive use of animation and graphics?

Having that website collapse from trying to serve out its excessive animation and graphics in less than 24 hours:

Do you see the gaping flaw in the logic? If it were traffic causing the problem, then that same traffic should be swamping out the "lite" version of the site. When websites are inundated by traffic, the only solution is increasing the available bandwidth; adding servers.

But the Post webmaster fixed the real problem - the horribly cludgy graphics-intensive web page. He dumped the loathsome slick package for something simple and lo and behold, everything is fine.

As you some of you may know, I maintain a blog about the local theatre scene. That means I read all the major dailies, looking for their reviews or promo pieces. I can't even tell you if there's a place for theatre news and reviews in the lifeless "PBPulse." Stories seem to be haphazardly slapped across the page, with no rhyme or reason. The only theater story shown was from last year - and it was about a show in New York City.

Frankly, if I want to know about shows on Broadway, I'll read the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. When I read the Post - and the Sun-Sentinel, and the Shiny Sheet, and the Herald - I'm doing it to find out what's going on around me. I don't actually give a rat's ass about what's playing in NYC. I can't afford to go there to see shows.

Even the Post's own site map has been reduced to useless garbage by this half-witted "upgrade." A newspaper that prevents you from reading the stories in it is an exceptionally useless endeavor.

In fact, this lame excuse for the Entertainment section seems to be emulating People Magazine. Now, that's all well and good, but for celebrity gossip, I'll go to People.com. And so will everyone else.

What we need from the Post is Palm Beach - and South Florida - news.

Dump the "Pulse," and whatever dimwitted moron thought it was a good idea to roll out untried technology on a huge festival weekend, put back the old site, and cover more local news.

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