February 13, 2009

In Defense of the Constitution of the United States

What's this about? Read THIS and THIS.

Val Prieto is one of a gang of online thugs who purport to be against Fidel Castro and his regime. Now that sounds all well and good, until you actually read their blog. Some of their theories are off the wall, and they lash out viciously at anyone who questions their theories, or offer up conflicting facts.

In fact, much of the South Florida blogging community believe that Val Prieto's behavior on the blog 'babalu' mimics that of Fidel Castro in many ways, and when you point this out to him his first response is a stream of invective, and his next response is to threaten a lawsuit.

I stand with Random Pixels, I stand for the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and I believe that dissent is necessary fora healthy democracy. Prieto doesn't care for the dissent that is a keystone of true democracy; so I don't care for Val Prieto. My instincts tell me that if Val Prieto supports it, it's probably not good for the US of A.

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