February 8, 2009

Senator Stephen Wise? Senator IDIOT, really.

From the Jacksonville News:
Wise to introduce bill on intelligent design

Here's the thing: there is only one scientific theory on how we ended up with all the different kinds of animals on the planet. That's it, only one. Not one person in the last 140 years has come up with a scientific theory that has passed all the tests required of a scientific theory.

You've got the theory of evolution, and that's it for science. Every other explanation offered on the subject is based on articles of faith, and not the rigors of scientific study. And that includes "Intelligent Design," a bald-faced blatant re-tread of "creationism," which is basically a statement that the Christian Bible's Book of Genesis is the only place we need to look for evidence.

The Theory of Evolution is tested - and proven - every single day; it is the foundation of genetics research; it is a keystone of pharmaceutical development. It explains the failure of anti-biotics, and predicts how the flu virus changes every year. It guides research into birth defects, and our understanding of the human immune system.

And yet, we still have superstitious dingbat like Senator Stephen Wise, who is introducing a bill that will force teachers to hold a discussion of religious convictions if they are teaching actual science.

Wise explains his twisted logic thus:
"If you're going to teach evolution, then you have to teach the other side so you can have critical thinking."
The problem is that there isn't "another side." It's like demanding that teachers discuss the alternatives to "2 plus 2 equals 4." There isn't one. Just as there isn't an "alternative" theory to the Theory of Evolution. There's only the one valid scientific theory, and a lot of religious beliefs.
“Someplace along the line you’ve got to be able to make a value judgment of what it is you think is the appropriate thing.”
Religious beliefs are fine; a lot of people have them. Native Americans, for instance, know that the world was created on the back of a giant turtle, floating in the ocean. The Great Spirit need a place to build The World, and the great turtle volunteered to carry it.

They also have a Creation story, one that explains how Man came to exist: and explains a lot more than Genesis ever did. It seems that when the Great Spirit created Man out of clay, He was too impatient to see how Man would turn out, and took the figure out of the kiln too soon. The first Man was arrogant and hateful and ran away to settle in Europe. The Great Spirit tried again, and this time He left Man in the kiln too long, and he burned. The black Man didn't like the land the Great Spirit provided, so he ran away to Africa. Finally, the Great Spirit tried again, and this time He got it just right, and the result was the perfectly bronze-red skin of the Native American.

So if the Sioux are correct, Senator Wise is only half-baked, and that's why he thinks it's a good idea to shove Sunday-school into our serious discussions of Science.

But Senator Wise isn't an idiot because he wants to force public schools to teach Christian doctrine; that only demonstrates that he's very poorly educated. He's an idiot because a Federal Court has already ruled that a law requiring inclusion of "Intelligent Design" is a violation of the Constitution.

Senator Wise is introducing a practice that has already been tested in the courts, and lost. It lost in a big way. And if Senator Wise somehow manages to bring this very bad proposition into law, it will be challenged, and taken to court, and the State will lose.

And you and I get to pay for it. On top of all the financial stimulus packages that will cost us billions but at least have the potential to do some good, Senator Wise is introducing a stupid law that will cost us millions of dollars to pay for a defense and we already know that the law is in violation of the US Constitution!

Florida Citizens for Science made this observation, and it's a good one:
You’re wrong again, Sen. Wise. It’s not about making value judgments. It’s about teaching science, and the Pennsylvania case determined without a doubt that intelligent design is devoid of any real science.
Contact your representatives and senators. Remind them that Intelligent Design isn't science, and make them aware that this kind of law has already been ruled un-Constitutional in Federal Court. We can't afford a bone-headed law like the one Senator Wise has proposed.


  1. When I was in high school, my biology teacher taught evolution as part of genetics. At the end of that portion (I'd say 2-3 weeks), he spent 1 hour on creationism. He started the class stating that this was out of respect. That he is not a theologist. And he finished the hour with a test of one question, "Was Adam's belly button and innie or an outie?"

    It was an enjoyable hour and simply provided an "alternative view point." Did it change my views on evolution? No. Was I offended? No.

    BUT, that's not intelligent design, and the Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the country does not recognize "intelligent design as a viable theory. The Catholic church has recognized evolution as truth for nearly a century.

    I don't know who the hell Sen. Wise thinks he's representing, but it's hard to even read this story while fighting the urge to erase "intelligent" and "wise" from my screen.

  2. El D de O: Ha! The REAL question shoulda been, did Adam and Eve HAVE belly buttons?

    But seriously folks, when does this shit stop? We don't have time to waste or money to spare for the collected clods in the State Lege to muck around with this nonsense. People are losing their homes and jobs, can't afford their medication let alone doctors' visits, the environment is poisoned, and the infrastructure crumbling. Etc. And this strutting goober wants to illegally teach religion in the schools instead of science.

    I give up. I'm taking a sixpack to the beach. Make it a 12 -- maybe I'll get lucky.