June 9, 2008

A Debate with a Conservative: A Towel gets Thrown

I suspect that there won't be more debate until my uncle has a real keyboard to work with.

 I can't keep this going on a Blackberry.
I don't expect you to. I'm surprised you've done this much.

Bush cut taxes and stopped the economy from tanking.  That's simple.  
If it's true, it can be proven. No rush. Wait till you get home to your computer so you can do a proper job of it. It's not something you can do from memory. I've been checking my facts on the internet as I write, and I'm sure you'll want to do the same.

There was nothing else he could in the short term he had and the revenue rose. He effected TAX LOAD the only way he could.  You say History always repeats itself. Well, you're right.  Get ready, if Obama wins your taxes are going up. 
I've got news for you; taxes are going up either way. My taxes went up under Bush. They went up during his father's administration (did you know that I voted for Bush I?). They went up under Reagan. they didn't go up much under Clinton, and the dollar bought more. Sure, they'll go up under Obama. I expect them to go up under McCain, too. We've got a huge deficit, bigger debt, and a war that "may last a hundred years" to pay for. Taxes are going up, up, up.

What's the dollar going to do? Its value went down under Bush. Tell you what, benefit of the doubt: "It went down while Bush was in office." That way we can pretend that the fact that it went up during the Clinton administration had nothing to do with Clinton, either.

Sorry, but for you to even try to equate Obama's patriotism with McCain's is an insult 
I didn't try to equate. You picked a poor standard to measure by; the stupid pin. All I have done is point out that measuring patriotism by whether or not one wears a flag is stupid.

and the music was plain enough for everybody else there to hear it.  
You haven't listened to the tape, have you? Of course not, not over your Blackberry. But do it when you get the chance. Full disclosure is only fair.

It may have only been once but it happened.  I NEVER SAID HE NEVER SALUTES THE FLAG. 
Actually, you said exactly that. Let me refresh your memory:

"He doesn't even salute the flag during the National Anthem."

Your exact words, copied and pasted from your earlier message. Not "he didn't do it that one time," or "how about that time he didn't." but "he doesn't even do" it. That's an absolute declarative: "he does not salute the flag."
If you're going to quote me then get it right.
I always get your quotes right. I post like this so you can see that I am responding directly to what you said. I promise only to respond to what you actually write. I trust you to do the same.

I don't care what Obama's old bosses say about him now that he is a Presidential Candidate.  Who wouldn't say, "We knew him when he was doing great work at our firm."

I just can't get it all on a Blackberry, you go ahead vote for that mediocre politician from Illinois.

You know, I'll bet I can find a letter somewhere expressing the exact same sentiments about Abraham Lincoln. Oh, how about this:
Outgoing President James Buchanan thought that Lincoln could not heal the rift between the two regions, declaring 'I am the last President of the United States.'

We will never agree on this.  Your debate is based on what you want to hear.  
"Ring ring! Hello, Kettle? Pot Calling!" I can make exactly the same observation about your side of the debate. And it would be exactly as accurate.

Your teacher was probably a great teacher.  Sorry, I didn't mean disrespect.  He was a teacher and a decorated soldier.  So was PA Representative Murtha.
Murtha still is a decorated veteran, last time I checked.

If McCain wins, we will have a good man for President. But so far, I also believe that is true of Obama. Don't worry, I really don't ignore facts, and if something comes up that causes me to doubt Obama, I will take that into account on Election Day.

You might have more success arguing the benefits of McCain rather than the shortcomings of Obama.

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