April 13, 2008

If we're opening the door...(updated)

As long as the drooling morons in Tallahassee our elected officials are open to idiotic ideas allowing religions to prosletyze through state offices, let's let them know what other plates they will HAVE to approve if they put out even one plate that endorses a religion.

Here are my proposals:

First, the ones we should expect, and only a few will protest:



Here's where some people will start getting upset

Wicca (Goddess Worship)

And this is where the real trouble starts:

Church of Satan (Satanists)

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarianism)


  1. Yeah, I'm proud of these.

  2. I agree with them, but shouldn't the FSM one say Ramen?

    BTW, what program did you use to make those?

  3. Steve-

    I originally had the FSM motto as "Carbo Diem," but the Church also uses "Believe," and went that way to quell arguments that it was just "silly."

    I might give the tag the letters "WWFSMD"

    AS for the software, I used PhotoShop. But you can do the same thing with the freeware program Gimp. I found the license plate image via Google, along with the other images used on the plates.

  4. Hey, D00d, would you mind if I put these up on my blog? With all due credit, of course.

  5. Go for it, Marius. I'm hip.

  6. I think they'd scream bloody murder for any but the Star of David, and you'd get some screams at that one. Good work. I''ll link to these in a bit.

  7. I would get the FSM plate in a heartbeat.

  8. Pastafarianism

    Absolutely brilliant.

  9. What? No ceiling cat?

    Help! Help! I'm bein' oppressed!!!

  10. Sign me up for one of those Wiccan plates.

  11. Kate217 said...
    What? No ceiling cat?

    I'm sorry to say that I'm not familiar with that one; the only ceiling religion I know is Ghu, the Ceiling God.

    All the great Ghu requires of us is that we ignore him completely, thus his most devout worshipers are those who don't know he exists.

  12. Ceiling Cat

    You left out the blank one with "I Do Not Believe" for atheists .

  13. Hmmm, Atheism would require the tag "I belive NOT" or "I disbelieve" rather than "I don't believe".