April 18, 2008

GREAT concert this Sunday, April 20

One of the cool things about my new job at the Broward Center is all the great acts that come through here. It doesn't mean I can get tickets to them (sorry to everyone who wanted WICKED tickets), but I can let you know when something special is coming in.

Sunday, we have a great show: Jake Shimabukuru with Future Man and the Black Mozart Ensemble.
Jake Shimabukuru is a solo act, and he's been compared to Jimi Hendricks; but his instrument is very different from Jimi's. Experimenting with various guitar effect pedals allows Jake to create sounds never thought possible on the tiny four-string, two-octave instrument.Jake, you see, plays the ukulele.

Future Man (Roy Wooten) has played with the Flecktones for years. The Black Mozart Ensemble is composed of young virtuoso violinists and cellists under the direction of Futureman. The music is complemented by the addition of hip hop artists, and actors/narrators. The music of Black Mozart has a message for the ears, eyes and moves of today’s modern world. Futureman states that this composition, The Black Mozart is a personal statement of New American Classical Roots and Dance Music with social aspirations that embraces all races of humanity
This is a clip from their show up in Jacksonville last night:

There are still lots of tickets for this event; come on out to the Broward Center on Sunday night and check it out. This is going to be a hot night of music!

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