November 21, 2007

GOOD morning. SMACK!

I woke up before my alarm clock this morning. I made my coffee without spilling anything. Even finished my breakfast before the first phone call came in to report one of my many daily minor emergencies. This one was really minor, a contractor confirming a repair, and I promised to meet him in an hour. Grabbed shower, poured a cup of coffee for the road, walked out my door, and then the shit hit the fan.

Where's my car?

I thought I parked it here.....keys are in my hand....did I forget that I drove yesterday? Did I walk home and leave the car in the garage at work? No, I know that I went to the grocer, and I remember parking Where it's NOT. Fuck.

Called the police. Sat and waited for a cruiser to show up. Sat some more.

Actually, he showed up in about a half hour, and I think that's a pretty good response time for a stolen car. Another half hour to fill out reports and what not. He told me that if I was lucky, some kids were joyriding, and they'd leave it in a parking lot somewhere, and in a few weeks someone would call in an abandoned car.

OR, it's already been stripped, and I'm boned.

Insurance? Sure, I have insurance; the minimum needed to legally drive it: I work in the arts, I can't afford full coverage on a ten year old car that's paid for.

I am SO boned.

The good news: I didn't leave anything valuable in it, and the fuel gage was on "E". HAH! Fuck you! I hope you get stranded somewhere remote.

Of course, if it's TOO remote, like Tamiami Trail in the glades, they might roll it into a canal. Crap.

So have a happy thanksgiving; I'm still going to my Dad's for turkey (company van!), so no worries.

Have a happy turkey day.

And lock that car and arm the alarm; there are fuckers out there.


  1. Nope. Still stolen. Could be abandoned somewhere, but where ever it is, it isn't in my possession. Dammit.

  2. Hey Chris, email me adevere AT cisco DOT Com (No I don't have your car, but can't find your email address. Al DeVere