November 4, 2007

Bookfair showdown

Among the many respected authors appearing at the Miami Book Fair, there are two that stand out;

Rosie O'Donnell
and Jenna Bush.

Not because they are known for something other than writing, or that their books aren't great works of literature (which I can't judge, not having read either's offering).

But, c'mon, it's ROSIE O'DONNELL and GEORGE W. BUSH'S DAUGHTER!! Am I the only one hoping that Rosie will show up at Jenna's event and heckle her?

I'm here to talk about my experiences in Central...

Hey! Twiggy! I can kick your old man's ass.

...America. Um, when I met this woman, well GIRL, really...

I mean it! I'll kick his lying Republican ASS! Wha! HEY! LET ME GO!

As I was saying, this girl who was....

G*****NED faschists! Get OFF of me! It's call FREE SPEECH, assholes!!

Sigh. I can only dream.

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Photos courtesy of Miami Bookfair International