May 30, 2011

Not the last post, but....

Things have been slowing down; I'm sure you've noticed.  It's not that I'm not interested in keeping up the blog; but it's been getting hard to get up interest in THIS blog, if you follow me.

Part of the problem is that this blog never really had a clear purpose.  The earlier posts show that; it bounced from being a "how-to" to a photo journal, and ended up being mostly a place to vent my spleen.

So then I started spinning off other blogs.  So each had a purpose, but each was soooo specific, that sometimes I don't know where a thing should be posted.

So I'm starting fresh.  This blog will stay up, and I'm sure that occasionally I'll post something that fits MAN or MANIAC.  And I'm sure that I'll occasionally update Camera Ephemera.  The Theatre Scene is chugging along, so don't fret on that.

But for now, I'm going 'Round the Bend.  I hope you'll join (the kinder, gentler) me.

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