April 12, 2010

Sun-Sentinel Editor Steps Down

And predictably, we have to read about it in The Miami Herald. The Sentinel will probably run the Herald story in a day or two.

Ironically, the article describes one of Maucker's greatest errors in a positive light:
Maucker also had a reputation for being financially prudent, she said. While other company papers sent staff writers to cover major events, the Sun Sentinel would often make do using sister papers' stories.
This ignores the fact that in this digital age, everyone is reading the sister papers.  Maucker's "clever budgeting" was really a death blow to the paper: instead of fresh news, the Sun-Sentinel increasingly offers only regurgitated stories that were printed somewhere else, first.

Why read Herald or Post articles in the Sentinel, when you could read them sooner in the original location?

Sadly, we can't describe this as a positive change; the publisher of the Sentinel hasn't made a smart decision in years, and there's little evidence to suggest that we'll see real news in the Sentinel anytime soon.

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