March 21, 2010

One More Blog

Call me a maniac, but I've just started yet another blog. My interests are just too diverse to keep in one place, I guess.  So, there's this blog, the theatre blog, the photo blog, the genealogy blog (which I can barely count, it's been so long since I updated).  What's one more?

The new blog is Gluten-Free South Florida, a guide for people following a gluten-free diet due to Celiac disease or other medical conditions.  It's still under development, but eventually I will have links to restaurants and stores that cater to those of us with special diets.  I already have links to online outlets such as Amazon and The Gluten Free Mall.

I've wanted to write more on the subject, but it just didn't fit well with within the framework of MoM.  And after learning of yet another friend who'd been diagnosed, I realized that it was time. In fact, it's probably a little past time.

But it's here now.

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