February 24, 2010

Sun-Sentinel Missed This Story

Poking through the Sun-Sentine's support pages, I was surprised to stumble upon this little bombshell:

Me, I'd avoid opening anything from the Sun-Sentinel until you know they've stopped sending out infected messages. With any luck, the Herald will run the story and the Sun-Sentinel will regurgitate it so Sentinel readers (aka "the un-informed") will get the news.


  1. I was getting this yesterday in Chrome. It was warning me that the S-S BOB page contained code from a Russian botnet/Trojan site. After a few hours it cleared up.

    My guess is that the comment system has a loophole allowing the bad guys to post malicious code on their pages, but I couldn't get a response from anyone, so I don't know for certain.

  2. The Sun Sentinel's server at http://www.sun-sentinel2.com was attacked by a malware virus. The origin of the virus is still unknown, but the server in question was shut down and all content in being redirected to a safe server.

    Sun-Sentinel.com was not affected (see Google's report here: http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?client=Firefox&hl=en-US&site=http://www.sun-sentinel.com/).

    You may notice some broken links and missing photos while we finish redirecting content. Thanks for your patience.