December 28, 2008

5 reasons BWI sucks.

So my flight was delayed until 2:00. In the four hours I have been stuck here, I've come to loath Baltimore Washington International Airport. They are one big huge consumer rip-off machine.

And what's with that logo? Is that the Capital Dome with a crack in it? What statement are they making with that - "we broke democracy?"

So here are the five reasons why BWI sucks:

  1. No free WiFi. Cincinnati had free WiFi. Cedar Rapids had free WiFi.
  2. The first place I tried to log in offered two choices: T-Mobile, and Boingo. T-mobile was cheaper, so I bought a day pass. Then I moved to the other side of the airport, where my flight is. No T-Mobile, only Boingo.
  3. So I bought an hour on Boingo. I wasted 10% of my battery signing up for it, and they made me install software. Fucking Boingo. They suck. T-Mobile was only a buck more for the entire day, and I didn't need extra software.
  4. No place to plug in my laptop at the gate my flight was leaving from - I had to go halfway back on the concourse to power up.
  5. No cashback at vendors with a debit card purchase. That means if I want to get cash for a cab, I will have to pay through the nose for airport ATM fees.

Fuck you, BWI!! Next time, I'll drive.


  1. I like BWI, CLJ, and I use it very time I go to visit my Dad outside Baltimore. It sounds like most of your problem was with Boingo. I have a monthly deal going with Boingo ($9.95/month) that lets me use virtually every type of hotspot out there. When I turn on the computer, it automatically detects the signal and connects. Easy Peesey.

    BWI itself is nice because it is underused and never seems to be busy, at least when I have been there. And don't they have computer station tables set up at almost every gate? I know I've seen them there or maybe it's just a Southwest thing, which is who I use to fly in and out of there. ($165 R/T)

    Don't get me started on mega-Atlanta and that dam tram and the awful food.


  2. No computer station tables in the Delta gates. I suppose I wouldn't mind paying for wireless WiFi if it wasn't free so many other places. Like Atlanta, and virtually every other airport I've ever been to. Crowded? Sure they are. And now I know why.

    I suppose if I traveled, the monthly Boingo thing is probably great. But forcing me to download software to connect for an hour? It's nothing but a chance to install spyware.

  3. Hi CLJ,

    I work in the PR department at Boingo. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but wanted to clarify that the Boingo software is optional to install. As Rick notes, the software does alert you when you're in a hotspot (those include Starbucks, McDonald's and other locations throughout the US, including other airports through roaming agreements - including Atlanta).

    Hope you have a safe trip home!

  4. So, Jeremy, if it's "optional," why did it say "install software to complete registration for service?"

    That's not optional as far as I can see. The T-Mobile service at the same airport didn't ask me to install anything.

    Not impressed. Not even a little bit.

    BTW, didn't need Boingo in Atlanta. Or its suspicious software.