February 19, 2008

Best Fidel Post

This is from David Terrenoire, at his blog A Dark Planet

A couple of the best snippets:
He killed thousands of innocent people without cause, outlawed music, tapped the phones of his enemies, and threw poets into jail without trial.

I don't know why Jesse Helms didn't love this guy. Maybe it was the free education and health care.
And this one:
I told this story in Beneath A Panamanian Moon, and it was based on a real incident. I knew a man named Choppo who had fought with Fidel in the mountains of Cuba. Choppo had on his wall an 8x10 of himself and Fidel firing up a massive baton. When I asked Choppo about El Presidente he said, "Fidel was a good man, but then he got caught up in politics."

There's a lesson for us all, I think, in this election year.
Tip o' the hat to Dusty for pointing this out.

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  1. Great to find your blog! Adding you to my blogroll as another neighbor. Great stuff here.