January 14, 2007

South Tyger Bridge

I saw this bridge as I was driving home from my sister's house over Christmas. The South Tyger River Bridge is a few miles to the southeast of Spartansburg, SC.

I almost drove right past until I realized there was a tree growing up out of the span.

With all the withered kudzu everywhere, the whole thing felt lifted out of THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

It was cold, and I had a full day of driving (15hours!) so I only snapped off a few shots with my Nikon FM10. These were the shots that finally convinced me it was time to go digital. Not know ing how they came out gnawed at me for days. And frankly, I'm not really that pleased with the shots. With my D50, I'd've realized I didn't have the shot I wanted, and I could have tried some things. Plus, I wouldn't have had to spend a week figuring out how to burn the other 19 shots on the film.

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